Bristol Wireless distro reaches 0.9.4

Since its inception as a community wireless networking project, Bristol Wireless’ range of activities has expanded at a rapid rate. One of the newer lines of work – although the idea was first mooted a few years ago – is the development of our own Bristol Wireless Debian-based Linux distribution. Ben Green has today announced that our BW distro has now reached version 0.9.4.

Since the last announcement, the following changes have been implemented for this release:

  • the Bristol Wireless desktop background has been added as default for all users (regardless of a whether this is a new account or not);
  • printer GUI has been restored;
  • users-admin icon added to SLAB menu;
  • recoll search icon added to SLAB menu and set up sudo access;
  • bw_setup now changes the sources.list to an internet facing one by default;
  • ‘less’ has been added as a default package;

Ben adds that a new user must be created to make use of the new SLAB additions.

There are still a couple of items on Ben’s to-do list. At the moment these are:

  • adding support for madwifi;
  • adding a line to firefox plugins for divx to use the Mplayer plugin.

In a subsequent mail, Ben reports that we’re almost on the verge of having a version 1.0 ready for distribution. If anyone has professional CD printing facilities we can use for this forthcoming milestone, please get in touch.

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3 Responses to Bristol Wireless distro reaches 0.9.4

  1. sam says:

    It’s not really a ‘distro’ Woodsy it’s just an installer and some skel files for Debian Etch.

  2. woodsy says:

    I thought after posting the word distro should have been fenced in by inverted commas. ;-)

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