PC Building Open Workshop at the Freeshop

Bristol Wireless volunteer phasma has posted the following article on Bristol Indymedia for a forthcoming event on 30 September at the Freeshop, 35 Stokes Croft, Bristol (map):

Open workshop coming up in preparation for an ongoing project involving the community, open source, the Linux terminal server project and general networking.

With a view to our upcoming open workshop and internet cafe, based around the whole open source movement, we are holding a one-off install fest. Whether you wish to learn (more?) about building PCs together, would like to see just what Linux really is, or wish to know it more, come along!

We will be fitting out the room with a suite of clients running the Linux Terminal Server Project – http://www.ltsp.org for more details.

Regardless of your level of expertise, please feel free to come along. There is a lot that needs to be done and nobody will be without work.

Please do bring along any system that may need work/upgrading. There will be many people on the day and the whole idea is a mass get-together to share skills and ideas.

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One Response to PC Building Open Workshop at the Freeshop

  1. mike.e says:

    I think we need something like this locally – I know several people who in the last 6months have just gone and bought a new PC when their ancient one seemed ‘too old’

    A new windows machine, I know what will happen – the kids will get music, click every site and get them infected. They’ll be using the onboard 6 month trial anti-virus and after that only be protected by a free anti-virus – if it hasn’t been disabled by a trojan! So the end result is their new machine will be almost as slow as their old one !
    /end rant!