The Linux Lord’s Prayer

One of the joys of this year’s BarnCamp (news passim) was the banter around the campfire in the evening (in some instances the campfire conversation was redolent of this recent xkcd cartoon. Ed.). And for the following we’re indebted to Asterisk enthusiast Naomi for reciting round the flames on Saturday evening:

Our father, who art in /sbin,
init is thy name.
Thy PID is 1;
Thy children run
In user space as they do in kernel.
Give us this day our daily RAM
And forgive us our interrupts
As we are nice to those who interrupt us.
Lead us not into uncaught exception
And deliver us from SIGKILL
For thine is the system
And thou art the saviour
For ever and ever – until we upgrade yer!

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6 Responses to The Linux Lord’s Prayer

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  2. naomi says:

    Ha ha – really great to see this being appreciated, thank you!

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  4. Gremble says:

    Got this in fortune today:

    My calculator is my shepherd, I shall not want
    It maketh me accurate to ten significant figures,
    and it leadeth me in scientific notation to 99 digits.
    It restoreth my square roots and guideth me along paths of floating
    decimal points for the sake of precision.
    Yea, tho I walk through the valley of surprise quizzes,
    I will fear no prof, for my calculator is there to hearten me.
    It prepareth a log table to comfort me, it prepareth an
    arc sin for me in the presence of my teachers.
    It annoints my homework with correct solutions, my interpolations are
    Surely, both precision and accuracy shall follow me all the days of my
    life, and I shall dwell in the house of Texas instruments forever.

  5. woodsy says:


    That’s wonderful!

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