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News from around the world

A new use for Tetrapak – a waveguide antenna

In its early days, Bristol Wireless relied heavily on ‘homebrew’ equipment, such as the whisky tin wifi antenna (cantenna), some of which has survived very well (news passim). We were therefore very interested to hear that, at the recent 08 festival in Paris, Benjamin Henrion from Belgium’s Reseau was presenting a waveguide antenna […]

OpenWrt announces OpenWrt Kamikaze 808 Release

Bristol Wireless has been using OpenWrt for some time now for its network infrastructure. We’re very pleased to learn from our friends at the Freifunk blog that the OpenWrt team has announced the release of its latest version, named Kamikaze 808. The release schedule is as follows: Last day in July – final release candidate: […]

Russia to monitor wi-fi use

Australia’s Computerworld reports that Rossvyazokhrankultura, the Russian Mass Media, Communications and Cultural Protection Service, has a draconian-sounding policy of registration being required for every wi-fi device and hotspot in the country, according to a report this week from Russian news agency Fontanka. Vladimir Karpov, the deputy director of the agency’s communications monitoring division, said that […]

The white rabbit vanishes

Easterhegg 2008 in Cologne has now vanished, like the rabbit down the hole in Alice in Wonderland and – besides the souvenir mug and T-shirt – what’s left besides memories? I hope to try and answer that question.    It’s been a wonderful long Easter weekend in the Rhineland, including the unexpected sight of snow […]

We’re supporting Document Freedom Day, are you?

It’s just over a week to go to Document Freedom Day on 26th March and Bristol Wireless’ promotional pack – full of stickers, leaflets and a flag – has been received safely from the Free Software Foundation Europe (thanks 🙂 ). Here at Bristol Wireless, we’ve worked since our creation with open standards and are […]