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Building a FreeBSD access point

I’ve built myself an access point using FreeBSD, and it’s dead easy!

I have:
One old P200 box (96meg ram, ethernet card, 2gig disk)
One d-link dwl-520 prism 2.5 card
A fresh install of FreeBSD on it ( )

Then to change this box into a functional access point takes just 5 commands!

# kldload bridge
# sysctl
# sysctl"wi0 xl0"
# sysctl net.inet.ip.forwarding=1
# ifconfig wi0 ssid my_net channel 11 media DS/11Mbps mediaopt hostap up stationname "FreeBSD AP"

Now obviously you will want to play with it and customise it, but it will work after doing just those commands. I was impressed. For full details see:


VideoLan – multicast video streaming

Well so far we’ve been unsuccessful at getting this working over wireless, but other people have said that it can be made to work so we will keep at it.

The benefits of multicast streaming is that you can stream say a 4mbit bitrate video across the wireless and have in theory unlimited clients watching it.

Related links: email addresses email addresses are now available.. current retreval methods are pop3 imap and webmail.

Server addresses:

please email to request an account 🙂