Sustainable Computing

Bristol Wireless (BW) works first and foremost on the principle that extending the service life of computer equipment is more environmentally-friendly than its replacement. Indeed, research has shown that refurbishment of computer hardware is 20 times more energy efficient than sending it for recycling – all the more so since redundant computer hardware has to be handled as hazardous waste under the EU’s WEEE Directive.

Older equipment often has lower energy requirements than some newer units and the modern open source operating systems deployed by Bristol Wireless have lower system requirements (and thus need less power to run) than proprietary equivalents.

By installing one of BW’s low energy, large storage capacity Linux servers, we can migrate files from your existing desktop machines to allow better network access to shared files and resources and easier back-up routines for data safety.

In addition, by installing one of our open source Linux desktop operating systems on your desktop machines, we can breathe new life into hardware that you previously thought was destined for the dump. If your organisation has a significant number of workstations, you may even like to consider one of our low-powered, bespoke thin client LTSP suites.