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I’m wondering..

Given that signal loss on coax is big problem with wireless networking..

How pricey is low loss coax (by the metre).

Is it cheaper to make mast mountable AP (AP in a box) and run power over ethernet to it ..

if not a matter of cost , a matter of performance which solution is best ?!

Anyway.. Would appreciate some input!

2 Responses to Coax…

  1. matt October 3, 2003 at 6:34 pm #

    with the price of access points coming down its probably easier to whack the ap in a box and either PoE or a seperate bit of power cable (keeping the psu in the house running the lower voltage up the extended cable) you dont get any of the configuration options of say hostap then without going with a small board such as a soekris which is very expensive.

    premade LMR-400 feeder cables are quite expensive (exampe 17quid for a 1meter n-male to n-male from .. not the cheapest place) for the best deal you would have to buy say a 100meters or more on the role from somewhere at trade price and crimp or solder up the ends yourself. If i remember correctly i was quoted 2.60ish a meter if i bought a 100meter role.

  2. matt October 3, 2003 at 6:42 pm # seems good for cable 🙂