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Busy weekend – Part 2

If you’ve still got some enthusiasm left after Saturday’s Dorkbot (news passim) down in fragrant Stokes Croft this coming Saturday, news reaches the lab that Chaostreff Bristol will be having some malarkey on Sunday 14th December in St Werburghs, as outlined in the following email from Adam that I received earlier this week via the Chaostreff Bristol announce mailing list:

Chaostreff Bristol invites you to its Christmas hacklab!

There will be two main activities at this hacklab. The main hands-on activity will be making some Joule Thieves out of old batteries. Also, we will be trying to start a project know as “Speak and Sniff”. As usual there will also be a bunch of computers, electronic toys and nice fat wifi for those that just want to hang out and talk.

After we’ve all had enough, some of us will head out to the pub or get some noodles. We have all of the supplies for the Joule Thieves and are in the process of sorting out what we need for speak and sniff. Snacks, drinks, tunes and any interesting electronics you can bring along would be welcome too.

Sunday, December 14th, 2008, from 14:00 until 17:00
The St Werburghs Centre,
Horley Road, St Werburghs, Bristol
BS2 9TJ.

We’ll be in room Number 7 – look out for the sign on or over the door.

The nearest railway station is Stapleton Road, about 5 minutes’ walk away. FirstBus numbers 5 and 25 serve St Werburghs. If you get lost, or just want to say “hello”, you can call our hacklab phone on +44-56-0104-0058 or by first dialling any SIP Broker access number and then *258-84495627 or using SIP URL

Please pass this on to any people or groups who may be interested, linking to this webpage: if possible.
See you on the 14th!