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GNOME Outreach Programme for Women Attracts Many New Contributors

Yesterday the Gnome Project announced that the GNOME 3.0 release (as used in the latest Ubuntu release, now imminent, codenamed ‘Natty Narwhal’. Ed.) has attracted far more contributions from women than any previous GNOME release. This results largely from the hard work of the first round of the Outreach Programme for Women interns, who took part in the programme from 15th December 2010 to 15th March 2011. All 8 participants had their work included in the main branches of their projects and therefore included in GNOME 3.0.

The accomplishments of the first round participants included:

  • Luciana Fujii Pontello made Cheese webcam application capabilities available to other applications as a stand-alone library, and Laura Elisa Lucas Alday added support for SVG overlay effects and made a number of usability improvements. On completing her internship, Luciana Fujii Pontello became the maintainer of the Cheese project.
  • Tiffany Antopolski and Natalia Ruz wrote a large amount of GNOME 3 user help and participated in the User Help Hackfest in Toronto in March.
  • Chandni Verma made numerous improvements to the multi-user chat in Empathy, participated in the GNOME 3.0 Hackfest, and delivered a well-received talk about her work at the GNOME.Asia Summit in Bangalore in April.
  • Hellyna Ng implemented multiple features for notifications in GNOME Shell.
  • Eugenia Gabrielova made major improvements to searching in the Anjuta IDE, and Nanci de Brito Bonfim improved debugger integration.

On the back of this success, the GNOME Project has now announced the participants of a new round of the Outreach Programme for Women internships. With 15 female interns accepted for the Outreach Programme for Women and Google Summer of Code, GNOME will be in a good position to beat its previous record.

Read more in the original GNOME press release.