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VALO-CD Finnish free & open source goodness

image of CD-ROMWe Linux users are spoilt; we benefit from using free and open source software every day.

Now Windows users can once again* benefit from it more, with the launch of the VALO-CD (VALO is the Finnish acronym for Free & Open Source Software. Ed.)

VALO-CD contains all the best free and open source programs for Windows on a single CD; these include packages that have long been favourites with users of free and open source operating systems – e.g. Firefox (web browsing), Gimp (graphics), LibreOffice (office suite), VLC (media player), Scribus (desktop publishing), Audacity (audio editing), Notepad++ (plain text editor) and Truecrypt (encryption), to name but a few.

VALO-CD can be downloaded either directly as an ISO image or via a torrent client and the source code is also available. 🙂

* This is not the first time that CD compilations have been provided for Windows users. Earlier initiatives included the now defunct Open CD and there’s the still active OpenDisc project too.