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Bon voyage Sam and Naomi

On Wednesday evening, the families and friends of Sam Rossiter and Naomi Smyth, plus a few Bristol Wireless ne’er-do-wells, paid a fond farewell to the couple as they sailed off into the future under the Redcliffe bascule bridge to the strains of The Ambling Band.

Sam and the dinghy
Sam and the boat in which he and Naomi plan to sail around Europe

Sam has been a Bristol Wireless volunteer of many years’ standing (he was our fundraiser when the chief scribe first got involved with the Co-op. Ed.).

Sam and Naomi have sold their house in Bristol and lots of their stuff to sail around Europe (Naomi is hoping they’ll get as far as Greece) in a 22 ft boat they bought off eBay last year. On their voyage they’ll be calling in on various environmental and alternative living projects and learning survival skills. While they’re away Naomi will be filming any interesting projects they come across and they’ll be providing regular online updates of their progress.

We wish Sam and Naomi all the best for their trip, calm seas and plain sailing. 🙂

BBC News also has a report on Sam and Naomi’s trip.