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South Gloucestershire round-up

It seems that South Gloucestershire shows no signs of slowing down as a source of broadband stories at the moment.

Firstly, regular readers will remember the item on a public meeting being called in Horton to discuss abysmal broadband speeds in rural S. Gloucestershire (news passim).

The press report of the meeting appeared in Friday’s Bristol Post under the title “Fury at ‘rural broadband scandal’“. The meeting was attended by both BT and the local MP, Steve Webb. Mr Webb accused BT of being too secretive and is quoted as stating the following in the meeting (any BT agents reading this, should look away now! Ed.):

I sat in my office in Yate with a man from the council and a man from BT and asked the question [about roll-out plans and actual post-works broadband speeds] – and the man from BT phoned his head office and the message came back that he was not allowed to tell me.

image of optical fibre cableSecondly, South Gloucestershire Council is currently holding a public consultation on the deployment of so-called ‘superfast’ broadband in its area and more specifically is inviting comments from the public to define the intervention areas (i.e. where they’re actually going to roll it out, giving better than 1990s modem speeds. Ed.).

The consultation itself closes on 3rd October 2014, so you’d better hurry if you want to comment. Further details are available on the South Gloucestershire Council website.

Finally, still in South Gloucestershire, and more specifically in the Oldbury-on-Severn area, today’s Bristol Post carries a report published by S. Gloucestershire Conservatives about the efforts of Councillor Matthew Riddle to get Cabinet 23 on the junction of The Naite and Oldbury Lane in Oldbury included in the programme. We wish you every success, councillor!


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