How do you get LTSP to work on a vserver?

This is a very brief guide to setting up a vserver ( to run LTSP on.

Getting DHCP to work

Requires NET_RAW

Getting NFS to work

A user space NFS server is required. “nfs-user-server” or “unfs3” should work fine. We are using unfs3. See the respective documentation for the differences between the two.

Local Devices


Copying /dev/fuse

For local devices you will also need fuse stuff working. Install fuse on the host server and load the module there.

You will need to copy /dev/fuse across to the vserver (use cp -a /dev/fuse /var/lib/vsever/example/dev/fuse). Then make /dev/fuse owned by the root:fuse, note that you will need to make it owned by the fuse group inside the vserver. It will probably have a different GID inside the vserver, so you will need to set it from the host but with the GID from the guest.


Basically JFW as it should. For Adobe Flash sound support do get and install the package from here:

Other stuff

We wanted access to our DVD writer. Copying the appropriate /dev entries to the vserver worked fine. On our server these where /dev/scd0 and /dev/sr0 and /dev/sg2.

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