Didn’t I read somewhere that you developed a protocol?

Yes indeed. On 1st April 2007, we published the manpage content for the Wireless Cider Transmission Protocol (wctp) reproduced below.


This is the manual for wctp – wireless cider transmission protocol. A proper Unix/Linux manpage is being prepared.


wctp – Wireless Cider Transmission Protocol


wctp ~[-acefghlqy] site


wctp allows the user to transfer cider, perry or other apple and pear-based alcoholic beverages between network sites. Using TCP/IP (transmission control protocol for imbibing pints), wctp encodes cider from a local file system into packets suitable for FTP (fermentation transfer protocol) delivery at a remote IP site.


wctp -c”THATCHERS”-2g -l

The above example is an instruction to sent 2 gallons of Thatchers with lemons (for adding a slice to one’s drink) to IP address This is the IP address of 10 Downing Street, official residence of the British Prime Minister, where booze is urgently needed to complement the incompetence.


Both the source and destination sites must be running wctp-daemon. In addition, geographical location may hamper free use of this protocol. In certain parts of the United States of America, local restrictions exist on the shipping of alcohol across state lines. In the European Union, under internal market regulations unlimited quantities of cider may be transferred between Member States provided duty has been paid. It is not advisable to attempt use of this protocol in strict Islamic countries where the consumption of alcohol is banned.

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Steve Woods,woodsy (at) bristolwireless.net, with acknowledgements to the original authors of uubp

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