How do I get involved?

The best ways to get involved in the project are to sign up to our mailing list and start posting or to come to a meeting; these are usually held on the second Monday of each month, but contact us for details if you’re unsure.

There’s a number of roles you can fill in the project, such as:

  • Content creator: Produce images, video, audio, or text for distribution via the Bristol Wireless network and/or website.
  • Technical assistant: Help support, develop, and install new parts of the network, as well as help in the lab on our refurbishment project.
  • Fundraiser: Obtain money and/or donations in kind to enable the project to fulfil more of its desired objectives.
  • Promotion: Produce articles for publication on the BW website, as well as for marketing and promoting BW, its products, services and work.

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