Volunteer with Bristol Wireless

If you’re interested in technology and free/open source software in particular, why not put that interest to good use and volunteer for Bristol Wireless, particularly if you’ve currently got time on your hands or are under-employed. It’ll provide you with valuable experience and we’ll also give you a reference if you apply for jobs. Many ex-Bristol Wireless volunteers have gone on to find rewarding employment in ICT and related fields.

As a volunteer-run organisation, we’re always on the look-out for new blood to help keep the project alive. There are several roles you can fill in the project. Not all of these roles require in-depth tech skills and/or knowledge. For example you can volunteer your skills as:

  • Content creator: Produce images, video, audio or text for distribution via the Bristol Wireless network and/or Bristol Wireless website.
  • Technical assistant: Help support, develop, and install new parts of the network, as well as helping out in the lab.
  • Fundraiser: Obtain money and/or donations in kind to enable the project to fulfil more of its desired objectives.
  • Promotion: Produce articles for publication on the BW website, as well as for marketing and promoting BW, its services and work.

Why not call in for an informal chat, give us a call on 0117 325 0067 or contact us?