Forums/mail downtime

Had some rather serious mail server problems which are fixed to an extent now. It still has a problem that qmail doesn’t seem to like the new libc6 from deb-unstable; not much I can do about that at the moment. The mail works, just don’t expect any of the error messages (bounces, etc.) to make sense, they come out as rubbish at the moment.

I will try and sort this asap. (could require a complete rebuild of the box tho :()

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3 Responses to Forums/mail downtime

  1. sean says:

    yep, seems to be ok matt now, stopped getting the error messages anyway

  2. matt says:

    only thing that currently does not work is relaying email through the box, It was setup to auth to allow u to do so, but i wasnt happy with the way it collected the usernames + passwords. so for the moment u will have to use your isp’s smtp for sending mail (or the bw webmail, which can relay fine) I will look into more patch’s to allow qmail-smtpd to do this or another mta completely .. ill test it on my box here first until im happy its working 100%

  3. matt says:

    fixed a bug with the mail where it wasnt working with php :) should be fine now