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New money and new management for ownCloud

owncloud logoGerman company ownCloud GmbH is receiving new money and taking over the business of ownCloud Inc. in the USA, German IT news site heise reports. In addition, there will also be management changes due to the financing deal.

A group of investors featuring the Frankfurt-based entrepreneur Tobias Gerlinger will be providing ownCloud GmbH with “growth capital”. By doing so, it is therefore acquiring the majority of the company behind the open source suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services, according to the ownCloud blog. Tobias Gerlinger is taking over management of the company with immediate effect in the fields of finance, marketing and distribution.

Takeover of the overall business

Holger Dyroff, who was previous responsible for those field is pleased that the future focus can be on product strategy. Marcus Rex, another founder member of ownCloud will be leaving the company’s management. In addition to the personnel changes, ownCloud GmbH also announced it would be taking over the business of the US-based ownCloud Inc., which is having to close down on account of the launch of the competing Nextcloud product, which forked from ownCloud recently (news passim).

Earlier this year version 9 of ownCloud was released.

One Response to New money and new management for ownCloud

  1. Young Ron July 22, 2016 at 1:15 pm #

    Writing about the forking of Nextcloud from OwnCloud, Carla Schroder writes: “Nextcloud Is Just An Ordinary Dirty Deal”.