Meanwhile, back in the lab

A scene from earlier this afternoon in the lab.

What does one need when dealing with a recalcitrant screw in a laptop hard drive caddy? That’s right! Steady hands and a hammer! :)

How to deal with a seized hard drive caddy

Rich and Jim get to work on a frozen screw in a laptop hard drive caddy.

We do not recommend readers try this procedure at home.

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One Response to Meanwhile, back in the lab

  1. Acesabe says:

    In the end, the careful application of junior hacksaw to damaged mounting bolt enabled flat head screwdriver to release stuck screw from hard drive caddy. If this hadn’t worked we might have had to resort to oxy-atcetylene torch and crowbar to release the drive, although this might be a somewhat heavy handed approach, rather like the original method with the ‘impact adjustment’ tool!