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10 years of Linux desktop

Tux - the mascot of the Linux kernelA brief email dropped into my inbox earlier this week pointing me in the direction of the blog of Joss Winn of Lincoln University.

Joss relates his experiences over 10 years of running a Linux desktop on a Mac (several actually. Ed.).

At the start of his experiences Joss relates:

The first time I installed Linux in July 2000, I sent off for a CD of PPC Linux (no longer in business). USB support was experimental, which was a bit of a problem for Mac users, as Apple had switched to USB as their main type of connector. I spent many hours compiling experimental USB drivers from source.

However, after installing Ubuntu 10.4 recently, Joss can now write:

Let it be known, Linux on the Desktop has arrived. I think it’s time that all Educational Technologists in every corner of the world, took a Linux CD to their corporate machine and showed it what a real OS looks like.

Read Joss’ post in its entirety.

Hat tip: Ed Mitchell