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Imagine a City where…with our Ben

Next Thursday up at Auntie Beeb’s place on Whiteladies Road, Bristol (map), Bristol Wireless’ Ben Green will be taking part in a panel session entitled ‘Innovation Academy: Digital Bristol – Imagine a City where…” from 1.45 to 3.00 pm.

The event’s publicity blurb states:

Imagine a city where you could tap into the gigs, films, events, games, traffic jams, skate options. There is a welter of knowledge, experiences and fun within the city, but how can digital media transform the experience of living here? What role do open data and open standards play? Who facilitates, who moderates, who benefits?

(It’s grand to see open data and open standards mentioned, but what about open source? Just saying. Ed.)

Besides our Ben, the panel, which will be chaired by Paul Appleby, will consist of:

More information and booking details can be found at Bristol Media.