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Open Data Manchester Special – An Open Data Future

If you’re in the Manchester area in mid-March, this event may be of interest to you.

A panel discussion on the aspects of an the future of open data will be held at MadLab, 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester M4 1HN (map) on Tuesday, 19th March 2013 from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

Over the past few years open government data has evolved from a niche concern to one that has been embraced by national government, the European Commission and other states and organisations around the globe.

It has been advocated that Open Government Data will expose the inner workings of state institutions and thus enable an environment for greater understanding, accountability and efficiency.

The release of open government data has also been seen as an opportunity to add value to national economies through the creation of new services, new intelligence and a more networked economy through the free flow of data.

But ultimately what are the drivers behind this movement, who are the winners and losers and what should a society based upon open practices look like?

The panel will feature:

The event is free to attend but you’ll need to register via Eventbrite.