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Building a FreeBSD access point

I’ve built myself an access point using FreeBSD, and it’s dead easy!

I have:
One old P200 box (96meg ram, ethernet card, 2gig disk)
One d-link dwl-520 prism 2.5 card
A fresh install of FreeBSD on it ( )

Then to change this box into a functional access point takes just 5 commands!

# kldload bridge
# sysctl
# sysctl"wi0 xl0"
# sysctl net.inet.ip.forwarding=1
# ifconfig wi0 ssid my_net channel 11 media DS/11Mbps mediaopt hostap up stationname "FreeBSD AP"

Now obviously you will want to play with it and customise it, but it will work after doing just those commands. I was impressed. For full details see: