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Promoting New Content

This is an invitation to anyone out there with an interest in media content to contribute to a forum that sets out to promote, develop and encourage collaboration and support of ideas – for creative media projects.

This could be:-

  • for an internet based website or for a local wireless network
  • involving training or learning new skills
  • based on radio, video, photography or simply text and graphics
  • the recording of a performance, the telling of a story or the documenting of an event. It could be interactive
  • for art, culture, information, education, health, news, entertainment, commerce – etc etc etc.

Media and consumers are evolving – new media forms emerging alongside new types of consumer.

Liberated from the captivity of elitist controllers, we now have access to the creative tools and to the networks. What do we want to do with this technology?

Please post your views and comments.

One Response to Promoting New Content

  1. rich October 20, 2003 at 10:32 am #

    We met these peeps in wales; they have some things going on that is well worth looking at:

    This is another user-led project that has been going for some time: