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Resident’s computers

26 October, 2003

Dear Computer People

I attach the latest quotation in the battle of quotations between LinuxIT and Evesham.

Once Linux got word that the equipment might be bought from Evesham, they submitted a lower-priced quotation that meets our specification. As this is the case and time is drawing on, and unless I hear any objections by, say, Wednesday, I suggest 10 PCs, the training and support package, flat screens and scanners are ordered next week from LinuxIT.

Having discussed the matter of colour printers with you, it seems that it would be a false economy to buy anything other than laser jets given the quality, reliability, cost of cartridges, running costs of the printers and one of the primary purposes for which they are intended, ie volume printing of newsletters. However to support those groups who may occasionally need to print publicity material in colour a compromise would be to buy one colour laser jet. The price (from Evesham) is £426 + VAT. Depending on whether we (and CLAN) can avoid paying VAT (Dave, my successor, is investigating the VAT situation at the moment), we could buy one of these and keep it at the ERN office. Another possibility is that we could buy one colour printer for ERN and give the 10 month old ERN HP LaserJet 1200 to one of the applicant groups.

Whetherwe pay VAT or not, even after buying one colour laser jet we will still have money left over. Here are some thoughts about how we might use this:

1) Buy more training from Linux.
2) Extend the support package from Linux.
3) Increase the £25 subsidy given to groups for printing and distributing ERN’s newsletter.
4) Buy more aerial points so that the CLAN network can be extended.
5) Buy another set of computer equipment for an eleventh group.
6) Pay for a website design like the St Werburgh’s one.

For some of extras we would have to go back to Neighbourhood Renewal and get the
ir approval. If you have any thoughts, let me know (until 31 October) or Dave Johnston (

The closing date for receipt of applications for groups wanting computers is 31 October. Eventually I sent out 14 application forms and have had 2 back. I am pretty sure we will get more back than that by the closing date but perhaps not 10. Once the forms come back, the group needs to decide whether each of the applicants fulfills the criteria for getting the computer package. (Royce and Ingrid, I’m afraid you won’t be allowed in on this as your group is one of the applicants.) We therefore need to recruit more residents to the computer group. I don’t think they necessarily need to be computer-minded as we will have the done the technical bit of work by then. If you know of anyone, please could you put them in contact with me or Dave.

Lastly, the next meeting of the computer group will be organised and led by Dave as I am leaving my job at the end of next week. It has been really good working with you all and seeing this exciting project develop and I wish you all well with it. If you need to contact Dave before 31 October, you can email him or telephone on 07763 907020. From 1 November, Dave will be using the ERN phone and the number is 07880 963 568.

2 Responses to Resident’s computers

  1. sean December 2, 2003 at 4:08 pm #

    Today we met the residents network neighbourhood renewal committee to discuss the 10 pilot residents computers. After months of gathering quotes for the supply of equipment all that was needed to be done was to agree on the spec of the machines.

    This meeting was attended by Adrian from LinuxIT, David Johnston the development worker for Easton Residents Network, Debbie Class finance worker , Jim a resident, Rich from BristolWireless and Jasmine Rafique NR.

    Final decision was made to go with Linux desktops after some debate, 10 machines will be rolled out over the coming weeks and attached to the network in the New Year. We have access to £7000 for the work (kit, rigger and training). Watch this space for a breakdown of costings and roll out timescale.

    We were particularly pleased to access this money (Good Work Jason!) and it will make a considerable improvement to the network , but we will have to do our long planned mapping exercise in order to ensure they go in optimum positions.

  2. rich February 12, 2004 at 1:15 pm #

    On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 14:28, Erik Mesel wrote:
    > Just a note to confirm our telephone conversation earlier on today, I have spoken to regeneration finance and they advise you to get the companies you buy equipment from to invoice the Easton Residents Network. The ERN will then pass the invoice on to Regeneration Finance and regeneration finance have promised to pay any invoices as soon as possible.
    > If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me

    I’d like to see something written down about this.

    excatly what equipment is going to be purchased – aerials, boxes,
    cables, connectors etc. How we intend to roll it out, the process I
    mean (contact them, get access, what configuartion is required, what
    needs to be roof mounted etc.), and what we intend to do with the
    extended network once it’s in place?

    > Erik
    > Erik Mesel
    > Neighbourhood Facilitator
    > Easton and Lawrence Hill
    > Neighbourhood Renewal
    > Bristol City Council
    > 0117 377 3640