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Demo Day

Bristol Wireless Media Focus Group meeting – held on Thursday 20th Nov 03


A constructive discussion took place around the theme of ‘Content for the Wireless Network’. A plan emerged to run a DEMO DAY in the new year where examples of content can be shown on a working delivery system.

The outline plan can be found on the TWIKI site:

We hope that anyone interested will be able to contribute to this development through TWIKI. Information on how to use the facility can be found on links at the site.

Suggestions, sharing of ideas, information exchange and co-ordination between content creators and technical specialists is needed to make this happen. We would like to hear from you. Please get involved.

2 Responses to Demo Day

  1. saul April 16, 2004 at 1:48 pm #


    So the Cube’s bit of the event is shaping up – it would be really good to have flyers / posters / etc – cross-advertising each event. Here is the blurb for the cube event so far:

    by TAKE2030

    It is the year 2030. The great wireless hope that promises
    mobility and connectivity has bubbled. The GPS satellite
    signals have lost track of its urbanites when cutting
    through the Ozone layers. The ocean-apart digital divide has
    eventually sabotaged the Net we surf in. What remains of the
    feeble bandwidth is held out and safeguarded by the wireless
    freenetworkers, whose self-organised and decentralised
    network maintains its data cloud in the local communal

    Bristol Mission-Possible: Renegade rollergirls and sk8r boys
    from the Cube’s own sk8team powered with homemade lunchbox
    chiputers and boomboxes, join TAKE2030 to roam Bristol city
    limits, sniffing out rich wireless bandwidth leaked out in
    the open air by Free Networks communities. Joined by a team
    of DJs, the sk8rs pump up the wireless signals for shared
    public consumption. A cube outdoors co-production.

    This will involve the cube sk8team ( skating around with little battery powered meshboxes (mini-itx + plastic lunchbox + meshAP) and will be co-ordinated with some kind of visualisation of network traffic to be projected at the cube, or at another venue (easton community centre?).

    I’d like to organise some kind of discussion session also – maybe in Easton, maybe in the Cube later on… about difficult subjects to do with free networks ie: maintenance, peering with commercial groups, content wars etc…

    If anyone would be interested in being part of this discussion, let me know.

    In general, would it be good to have this discussion at the Cube? or will there be time/space in the ECS?



  2. sean December 2, 2003 at 3:31 pm #

    We’ve started negotiation with Bannerman Road primary School to supply 2004 intake of new students with wireless workstaions for the home andpotential for the school to be a node for
    homework clubs
    parent/school communication
    Internet access through the schools council managed link
    … and lots of other features we’ve not thought of yet!
    Funding may be found by the school or the council, once we have a project outline, we can also apparoach the Education Action Zone peeps we hope