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Content For Demo Day

There was lots of great discussion, and even greater enthusiasm about content management for the event (scheduled for 5th June 2004). I’d like to add my simple (as always) solution to content management.

First of all, we need content, so I suggest we put out a plea for content, with a deadline of midnight 30th April. Content can be delivered by post (CD, hard copy, tape, etc.) or via electronic means (email, FTP, etc.). Content will then be organised into Audio, Video, Images, and Text (with images). I think it’s safe to say everything will fall into one of these categories.

So we have our content, but no way to present it. Next we need to make a decision on what content is appropriate (assuming we have too much to use for the day), and schedules for Audio and Video broadcasts. I suggest a meeting to view the material, and make decisions (in a dictatorship stylee 😉 ). From this, we will have a schedule of broadcasts for the day, and a list of appropriate text/image content.

All that remains is to publish the content. I’d suggest a web site available only on the internal network ( for example) for indexing the content. This site would need to be created (we have lots of talented web developers and designers) with a gallery of images (, a link to each textual document converted to HTML, and a schedule for the audio and video channels with links.

To me, it seems this would cover everything, and is easily doable in the timescales provided with the (voluntary) workforce we have. Comments?