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Tonight 23 March Community IT Festival meeting

Tonight at 6.30 there will be an IRC meeting to discuss the Community IT festival. The lab has 6 terminals for people to use if you don’t have a connection at home and there’s the Chelsea with 2 machines too. If you don’t know how to use IRC – a good tutorial can be found on

2 Responses to Tonight 23 March Community IT Festival meeting

  1. andylaurence March 23, 2004 at 8:20 pm #

    Start of #clan buffer: Tue Mar 23 20:01:58 2004
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    <matt> i thought it was a irc meeting
    <rich_lab> it matt
    <rich_lab> it is matt
    <rich_lab> is sean_home about
    *** tallpaul_lab ( has joined channel #clan
    *** Signoff: phil (Remote closed the connection)
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    <matt> room for one more it seems
    <matt> we expecting anymore people ?
    <bengreen> sean_home, are you here
    <bengreen> ?
    *** cider ( has joined channel #clan
    <rich_lab> πŸ™‚
    <bengreen> yeah sean_home
    <rich_lab> who’s cider?
    <matt> hes allready here tho
    *** cider is now known as sean_pub
    <matt> thats it i guess
    <sean_pub> hi all
    <matt> server still limited to 15 according to the motd
    <matt> so no more can get on ?
    *** root ( has joined channel #clan
    <rich_lab> whos root
    <matt> ok that shoots that theory .. guess the motd is outta date
    *** Signoff: root (Client Quit)
    <bengreen> bring us a pint sean_pub

    <sean_pub> i thought you drank wine
    <bengreen> yeah, a pint please
    <sean_pub> πŸ™‚
    *** jim ( has joined channel #clan
    <bengreen> hi jim
    <sean_pub> how does this work then, do we have an agenda
    <jim> Hello all
    <jim> I was root
    <matt> how odd .. server still says 15max on connect too
    <sean_pub> hi Jim (farand?)
    <matt> yet theres 14 in here and 2 in psand
    <jim> yes
    <sean_pub> is bristolwireless a bot of some sort
    <matt> nope just a screened bitchx session
    <bristolwireless> =)
    <sean_pub> running where?
    <matt> ecc
    <ian> bails? any luck with Remote access
    <ian> jim – are you into self perpetuating energy devices?
    <ian> have you heard of victor shauberger
    <jim> who?
    <sean_pub> I’ve provisionally booked the ECC for a Bristol Wireless Social event fot June 5th 9 to 5 fro 200 quid
    <sean_pub> hardeep said we could probably get a discount though
    <jim> what are self perpetuating etc.
    <sean_pub> if we talked to Vernon
    <sean_pub> I thought we could spend an hour and a half setting up,testing etc.and then open up at about 10,30 till 4
    *** Signoff: bails (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
    <sean_pub> spend the last hour clearing up
    <matt> sounds good sean_pub
    *** bails ( has joined channel #clan
    <ian> sorry jim i thought you were into banger racing and gyrocopters
    <matt> are there any projectors at ecc ?
    <ian> but was t andy lawrence
    <sean_pub> projectors are definitely gettable – I know of several resource banks that willlet us have them if ECC don’t
    <matt> sounds good πŸ™‚
    <jim> I have been offered a data projector from a friend at UWE
    <sean_pub> what did you want to do with them
    <bails> ian: dial-in is working
    <matt> not s
    ure yet sean_pub .. project video or something from the park or somewhere
    <ian> hi bails – have you had a good day?
    <bails> ian there’ll having a meeting speak to you later
    <sean_pub> we need toknow what sort of stuff we are going to do fairly quickly so we can publicise and promote
    <sean_pub> so far we’ve got bails’ video wall,if it’s techniaclly doable
    <matt> im not sure but a mobile camera would be nice
    <matt> im sure rob or someone would lend us a firewire camera to use
    <sean_pub> got a url exampleof what you’re looking for
    <matt> ?
    <bails> sean_pub: how much time do we have??
    <matt> how do u mean sean_pub ?
    <sean_pub> June 5th
    <bails> OK
    *** bengreen has changed the topic on channel #clan to Look here:
    <sean_pub> thumbs up ben πŸ™‚
    <matt> well just have the projector on a machien in the lobby
    <matt> and showing a video stream from a mobile camera or something
    <matt> would need a projector + firewire camera
    <andylaurence> matt: that’s great, but what about other video content? We’d run out of bandwidth!

    <matt> well its only one client connecting to the mobile laptop
    <matt> just do a 2mbit stream or something .. will be decent quality
    <matt> and bandwidth to spare
    <andylaurence> yeah, but you’re looking at a large stream for that – matt: 2Mbps maybe?

    <sean_pub> re: key stage in BW project development, – do you think this is advisable, currently we have very little network content, will we produce enough to demo what the network is capable,or just tasters
    <matt> leaves us with 3 odd for other things
    <matt> can allways stick in a extra ap in ecc for the day
    <matt> well it is what the network is capable of really
    <matt> those things are a
    wful quality and very expensive
    <sean_pub> I suppose it is a key stage just feel we have very little time
    <matt> 350quid odd for that one aint it bails ?
    <sean_pub> or maybe that’sjust me
    <andylaurence> sean_pub: we’ve not asked for people to create content yet, but I’m sure we’d get a good response

    <bengreen> Let us begin the meeting proper
    <andylaurence> agenda?

    <sean_pub> ok, is this the agenda then –>topic
    <sean_pub> who is cahiring
    <sean_pub> chairing
    <bengreen> I will
    <andylaurence> thanks for volunteering sean πŸ˜‰

    *** matt has changed the topic on channel #clan to Look here: πŸ™‚
    <matt> whoops
    <matt> helps if i type in the right box πŸ™
    *** bengreen has changed the topic on channel #clan to Look here: :)
    *** matt has changed the topic on channel #clan to Look here:
    <bengreen> can we have an agenda then
    <bails> matt: £212.16 SQUID
    <matt> i still think for the demo a mobile camera with sound .. and a seperate mobile radio sorta thing
    <ianc> channelone (rob and shawn at eca) are planning to make a video of the demofestday. they will also be providing some video content
    <andylaurence> matt: what would we video?

    <matt> im not sure andylaurence πŸ™‚
    <bengreen> agenda points please
    <sean_pub> I think we can think of lots of ways to deliver content so our main problem at the moment is going to be generating it, so obtaining content should be number 1 item on the agenda
    <tallpaul_lab> content
    <bengreen> type them now
    <matt> anything really .. show its possible .. im sure cz0 can come up with some nice ideas
    <tallpaul_lab> publicity
    <tallpaul_lab> collaboration
    <sean_pub> food
    <sean_pub> of course
    l_lab> trechnicals

    <ianc> inviting the press
    <rich_lab> theres some bs5 stuff and the living easton too
    <sean_pub> tallpaul_lab: what are trechnicals
    <tallpaul_lab> technicals
    <sean_pub> πŸ™‚
    <bails> not technovals? πŸ˜›
    <bengreen> content
    <bengreen> publicity
    <bengreen> collaboration
    <bengreen> food
    <bengreen> technicals
    <bengreen> inviting the press
    <ianc> something happening in the park? in the street? mobility demo
    <bengreen> let’s start with content
    <sean_pub> I think bails should do thecatering, he made such a good job of the xmas party
    <bengreen> seconded
    <matt> thats what im trying to get at ianc
    <tallpaul_lab> order
    <sean_pub> content then
    <sean_pub> who do ask tocontribute and how?
    <bengreen> O have asked a few people already
    <bengreen> I
    <tallpaul_lab> structure thereof
    <matt> how do you mean, what sort of content
    <matt> live stuff .. stuff people can send in and we stick in a archive ?
    <rich_lab> floor map for stalls
    <sean_pub> an open leter to the creative communities of bristol?
    <andylaurence> sean_home: yes!

    <ianc> we need some good samples repreesenting broad interests
    <matt> define content
    <tallpaul_lab> yeah radio, video ,live prerecorded
    <andylaurence> When shall we send out requests for content – who wants to take responsibility?

    <matt> well i think we should have 2 teams .. one going round streaming live vid .. one just doing audio
    <sean_pub> art, flash stuff for our network, the underscore crowd have tons of stuff they might donate for the day or permannetly
    <matt> for the live side of things
    <ianc> lets not try to pull too many content strings
    <tallpaul_lab> I think we sh
    ould specifically target requests
    <matt> my question is how are you going to distribute this content ? just have a row of terminals for people to come and sit and use
    <matt> the archived stuff i mean
    <matt> art/flash etc
    <matt> how are ‘we’ even
    <andylaurence> matt: video wall, and a multicast open to all?

    <tallpaul_lab> we had some ideas about distro inb the the last meeting
    <tallpaul_lab> doing stuff in chealsea, in the park etc
    <sean_pub> wallprojector – see if we can borrow some smart whiteboards?
    <matt> so say we hav a projector showing the live stuff in one room
    <matt> comp with speakers n stuff playing the audio live stuff
    <matt> in lobby or somewhere
    <matt> and row of termianls for general browsing ?
    <sean_pub> for 200 quid we’ve got he lobby/foyer as wellI expect
    <bengreen> Tony Gosling – He has lots of videos we can show, and more we can get permission for
    <bengreen> The Cube – Mike Tonks can help us get stuff on VHS free to show
    <bengreen> Banana – Director of ‘Black Tiger’ has given us permission to show it
    <bengreen> Cz0 – Rob has given us permission to show that
    * sean_pub goes to the bar
    <tallpaul_lab> theres an open film night at the cube – might be good for video
    <matt> bengreen, but how are we going to show it
    <rich_lab> get me one sean_pub
    <ianc> content is wide ranging, multifaceted, knows no bounds. we are limited by technical and admin factors
    * bails thinkds sean should buy a round
    <matt> if we setup some sort of small local webbased archives page that people can browse through
    <matt> and play/listen to
    <matt> for the line of terminals .. and people can do what they like with that
    <matt> and then one or 2 big displays of the live stuff ?
    * sean_pub would have bought a round but there is no
    -one else in the chelsea
    <sean_pub> luckily
    <matt> wont take us long to get their sean_pub.
    <bails> lol
    <sean_pub> oh god, ian bone’s just walked in
    <bails> quick pretend you dont know him πŸ˜›
    <bails> DONT ask him for content
    <andylaurence> matt: I think we should only do live streams rather than on demand – we may have large numbers of people, and we don’t want the network beiong swaamped

    <matt> yep
    <bails> I agree
    <matt> but the terminals would be wired anyway
    <matt> just showing sorta web based content
    <bails> what’s up with multicast on the terminals
    <bengreen> I think we can get away with some on demand content
    <matt> yep
    <bengreen> especailly audio but some video
    <matt> well only thing that really does multicast is videolan
    <andylaurence> matt: point taken with the terminals, but if others connect via wireless…..

    <bails> bengreen: did you ever get vlanclient sorted
    <matt> and its a bit flakey
    <ianc> can we raise a budget for the event???
    <matt> it should be fine andylaurence
    <andylaurence> I thought multicasting was sorted now?

    <matt> cant see it using much bandwidth
    <rich_lab> we have the budget
    <bails> matt have you tried to use mplayer as the client
    <sean_pub> ok then, I still think we ought to send one openletter to underscore, there are some very cool symapthetic developers on that list –
    <matt> for playing multicast streams bails ?
    <bails> yeh
    <matt> not yet
    <matt> might hav a go
    <sean_pub> does content include gaming
    <bengreen> yes
    <sean_pub> a 4 machine gaming lan would be cool for kids
    <sean_pub> maybe even a tourney
    <bengreen> pick it up and run with it then
    <sean_pub> don’t we have some serious gamers subscribed to the list vased
    in Bishopton
    <sean_pub> based
    <andylaurence> sean_pub: serious techies, but not sure about gaming

    <sean_pub> I can do civ, but I’d struggle with the first person shootemups
    <bails> multiplayer solitaire just dont work for me
    <ianc> we should decide on several content elements and then the tasks can be assigned as ‘projects’
    <bengreen> cool
    <matt> will the ecc training room be open ?
    <bails> nice idea ianc
    <matt> im guessing nigel will want it open ?
    <andylaurence> multiplayer gaming would be a big plus, but we need a quick game that people can join/leave whenever, and how do we build enough (fast enough) terminals?

    <bails> and ‘staffed’ i guess
    <matt> thats why i was asking about the training room
    <ianc> how about we get propsals in?
    <matt> crap gfx but good cpu’s .. bit of quake or ut in linux
    <matt> should work
    <bengreen> i reckon
    <andylaurence> sounds good

    <bengreen> there are boot distro’s for auto gameserver config
    <bengreen> okay, lets type some possible project headings then
    <bengreen> GAMING
    <bengreen> VIDEO STREAM
    <tallpaul_lab> RADIO
    <bengreen> NOTICEBOARD
    <bengreen> CHAT CLIENT
    <andylaurence> SLIDESHOWS

    <rich_lab> i9 sead that
    <andylaurence> translation: "I said that" πŸ˜‰

    <matt> bengreen, it wouldnt take that long to install quake or ut on the suse in the training room
    <bengreen> true
    <ianc> NON commercial adverts
    <tallpaul_lab> is that a contradiction in terms
    <ianc> no
    *** Signoff: sean_pub (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
    <tallpaul_lab> maybe seans fallen under the table
    <bails> ianc: what do you mean like educational/health commercials?
    <andylaurence> beer + keyboard = ping timeout ?

    <ianc> yeah, kinda…
    <ianc> noticeboard covers ads real
    * bails thinks ian bone started talking to sean
    *** CTCP: tallpaul_lab pinged you.
    *** sean_pub ( has joined channel #clan
    <matt> welcome back sean_pub
    <sean_pub> hmm
    <sean_pub> wa’happen
    <andylaurence> com ?

    <bengreen> while everyone thinks about which bit of content headings they would be interested in getting involved in, let’s move onto the next agenda point
    *** CTCP: tallpaul_lab pinged you.
    <tallpaul_lab> structure of content:?
    <tallpaul_lab> how much, live vs archived, out and about
    <ianc> we have to work in the timescale
    <ianc> we also need to make sure it works pref a month before, so testing is important particularly at the receiving end
    <tallpaul_lab> and fit it round other stuff in the day
    <andylaurence> OK, shall we fix a deadline for content, and a deadline for testing ?

    <bengreen> yes
    <andylaurence> how about content by 30th April, testing by 5th May?

    <ianc> its goota do wopt it sez on the tin!
    <bengreen> 1 month before = may 5th
    <sean_pub> … and live content?
    <tallpaul_lab> we can do bothat the same time as long as we have some materia lfor testing
    <matt> well we can test the live content setup ..
    <matt> and in theory things should go ok on the day
    <andylaurence> sean_home: Will the live content be old content broadcasted live?

    <matt> well i was thinking it would be literally live .. mobile camera
    <bengreen> tallpaul_lab, suggests a roving microphone
    <bails> and camera
    <sean_pub> and a DJ?
    <matt> yep that too
    <matt> said it up there somewhere ^
    <tallpaul_lab> yeah linked to studio
    <sean_pub> of course I’m too old to understand any of that
    <bails> maybe get one of the pirates to do a live set
    <tallpaul_lab> presenters way more important
    <ianc> chann
    elzero are planning to make a video for HTV of the event!!
    <bengreen> okay, can we move on to the next agenda point now
    <sean_pub> and dialect, they should be involved
    <bengreen> PUBLICITY
    <sean_pub> live broadscast from the event
    <matt> real pirates ? does ecc insurance cover walking the plank πŸ™‚
    <rich_lab> LOL
    <sean_pub> Dik and Roger have just arrived I’m not going to be able to participate much longer
    <andylaurence> matt: you are insane AICMFP!

    <bails> matt: only if they paid in peices of eight
    <matt> dare i ask what AICMFP is ?
    <andylaurence> And I CLaim My Five Pounds

    <tallpaul_lab> gone up a bit
    <sean_pub> and now Ian is here too
    <bails> oh no
    <rich_lab> πŸ™‚
    <sean_pub> and he hasn’t logged off either
    <matt> hmm
    <matt> why cant u participate much longer ?
    <bengreen> okay PUBLICITY
    <matt> flyers again ?
    <sean_pub> people to drink with πŸ™
    <andylaurence> Front-end designer required – apply within

    <sean_pub> star fm
    <matt> i said it wouldnt take long for them to get there sean_pub πŸ™‚
    <bails> sean_pub: pretty good excuse for hilary πŸ™‚
    <sean_pub> send flyers to mailing lists like voscur
    <tallpaul_lab> Well I can maybe do it as part of woprk placement
    <andylaurence> mailout to local papers, and media companies (BBC, HTV, Evenoing post, etc)

    <matt> yep
    <tallpaul_lab> + local community groups etc
    <matt> so media coverage + flyers both on paper + mail list
    <tallpaul_lab> + mailing lists
    <andylaurence> local mailing list posts

    <sean_pub> tallpaul_lab: palcements are nearly sorted, callme tomorrow and we have a chat
    <bengreen> okay, we have ideas for publicity
    <bengreen> let’s move on
    <bengreen> COLLABORATION – who do we invite to work with us
    <matt> well cz0,
    any of the other ecc based projects ?
    <tallpaul_lab> we should target it specifically
    <tallpaul_lab> like iniviting films of this length in this format form blue scereen at cube
    <sean_pub> dialect
    <bengreen> we need to choose carefully
    <sean_pub> I’ll tell them you said that
    <rich_lab> we need to build channels
    <rich_lab> lets invite a few peeps and see what turns up
    <bengreen> sean_pub, that wasn’t specifically to do with dialect
    <sean_pub> πŸ™‚
    <ianc> it would be good if other groups show their support. we could let them put some of their publicity into it, but its really BWs day
    *** Signoff: sean_pub ("Client Exiting")
    *** CTCP: tallpaul_lab pinged you.
    <bengreen> we can carry this on on the BBS, next FOOD
    <andylaurence> are we providing it?

    <rich_lab> lets put it to the list for caters
    <ianc> if they dont charge too much
    <ianc> from the eca?
    <bengreen> punters pay
    <bengreen> moving on, TECHNICALS – who will get the content on the site?
    <andylaurence> Firstly, what do we need? Secondly, what works, and what doesn’t?

    <bengreen> WE NEED…
    <bengreen> files on server
    <bengreen> server
    <andylaurence> Audio/Video multicasting – does it work

    <tallpaul_lab> streamng server
    <matt> not to the level id like to use it for a demo andylaurence
    <andylaurence> matt: what’s not working?

    <bengreen> equipment – mics, video hardware
    <matt> multicast .. works but flakey
    <rich_lab> matt, we could use yr mac πŸ™‚
    <bengreen> matt, we need to do more experiments
    <tallpaul_lab> mixing desk, decks 2XCD
    <tallpaul_lab> +computer inputs
    <bengreen> matt, we need to get those video streams on the internal network for tests
    <andylaurence> mic & video camera for roaming

    <bengreen> that’s a lot of equipment
    <bengreen> can we get it?
    <matt> would kev be up for doing anything rich_lab?
    <matt> or were u thinking more of letting people av a go tallpaul_lab ?
    <rich_lab> yea, dj 4 sure
    <tallpaul_lab> yeah and access to mike
    <bengreen> video encoding hardware
    <tallpaul_lab> Its only a very basic studio setup for live stuff#
    <matt> all expensive kit people will be protective about
    <tallpaul_lab> well you can get away with consumer stuff
    <matt> ?
    <tallpaul_lab> cheap cd – my old station nothing cost more than 50p
    <matt> ive got a old dj mixer if thats anyuse .. bit crap
    <bails> i have another
    <bails> crap one
    <andylaurence> roaming video probably not practical – requires wireless transmission. Either wireless connected encoder, or wireless transmitter to encoder on the network.

    <matt> i use mine to save having to change input on me hifi amp .. im lazy :p
    <tallpaul_lab> really need to be a decent mimng dsek -not a huge one
    <matt> well roaming vid aint that hard
    <tallpaul_lab> there is one at ECC that nigel has
    <matt> was just gunna whack firewire cam into me mac
    <tallpaul_lab> yeah but structuring content is harder
    <andylaurence> matt: would your mac encode on the fly?

    <matt> yeah
    <matt> i was gunna take it down the ecc and give it a try sometime soon .. i was speaking to rob about it
    <andylaurence> ahhh, sorted then – backpack with laptop in it, and an antenna to hold in the hand, plus cameraman a short cable away πŸ˜‰

    <matt> yep
    <matt> πŸ™‚
    <andylaurence> only within range though – must map where is within range before the event

    <andylaurence> πŸ™‚

    <matt> yeah was gunna do it no external antennas ..
    <ianc> testing should be a laugh
    <bengreen> okay if we are up for cloding up the meeting soon…
    <tallpaul_lab> a
    ny actions from all this???
    <bengreen> AOB?
    <tallpaul_lab> installfest?
    <bengreen> we need to talk to BaBLUG
    <ianc> info on the day… using the event to explain the project, preparation of all this stuff
    <bails> free ‘bristolwireless’ stickers
    <bails> 4 the kids
    <bengreen> okay, that’s too much for this meeting to discuss all that stuff
    <tallpaul_lab> baloons
    <bails> they get everywhere
    <bengreen> baboons
    <bengreen> can we have some ACTION POINTS please
    <bails> maybe rock will hold off for W-s-M-wireless πŸ˜›
    <tallpaul_lab> who is gonna ne responsible for what
    <andylaurence> What are the tasks? List them, and someone can volunteer?

    <bengreen> I will get some streams up on REDRAK and test vlc more
    <rich_lab> LOL bails
    <tallpaul_lab> content areas?
    <bengreen> GAMING
    <bengreen> VIDEO STREAM
    <bengreen> RADIO
    <bengreen> NOTICEBOARD
    <bengreen> CHAT CLIENT
    <bengreen> SLIDESHOWS
    <bengreen> who wants to take these on?
    <tallpaul_lab> SERVERSIDE?
    <andylaurence> well done ben – volunteers?

    <andylaurence> I’ll take slideshows

    <bails> damn andylaurence grabbed the easy one
    <bails> I’ll stick with the video-wall ting
    <tallpaul_lab> I’ll do radio
    <bengreen> web server
    <bengreen> video streaming server
    <bengreen> audio streaming server
    <ianc> the demo day is going to bring to the front awhole load of issues about how it could develop continuity.
    <andylaurence> FRONT END

    <tallpaul_lab> Live frontend?
    <tallpaul_lab> as in continuity
    <andylaurence> surely that’s just a link from the main web page?

    <ianc> one thing is certain, if this is successful it will bring on a whole load more stuff to do
    gt; if we are doing live content we need to structure in someway
    <bengreen> we are expecting this to generate content, and proof of concept needs to be the bottom line, then content on top if we can manage it
    <ianc> raising awareness, generating interest and more support
    <bengreen> Let’s get some agenda point together for the next (Content Development) meeting
    <bengreen> let’s pull this together and sign off
    <bengreen> disorder reigns in the lab, with everyone leaving there keyboards
    <tallpaul_lab> how long do we think the day is gonig to be?
    <bails> is rich_lab stillthere?
    <bengreen> yes he is
    <rich_lab> yea bails
    <bengreen> okay everyone take a look at
    <bengreen> meeting closed
    <bails> r u coming to help me with the ‘livnug willow fence’ 2morra
    <tallpaul_lab> are we going to the pub?
    End of #clan buffer: Tue Mar 23 20:01:58 2004

  2. rich March 29, 2004 at 12:39 pm #

    Changes have been made to the following wiki section to show show what happened at the meeting please have a look and add more detail, take on you own subsections.