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Seeing through buildings


I’m located in Oxford. I’m not aware of any local plans to create a wireless community, as such, but Oxford Indymedia are looking at using wireless for at least two different point-to-point applications.

So here’s a question: is it possible to get a one-hop wireless link working over a distance of about 1Km, on the flat, in a built-up area?

I’ve read a fair bit about antenna gain, and a fair bit about theoretical range (e.g. in the Boondocks in USA), but very little about what you can expect to achieve when there are houses in the way – and all of that was negative.


One Response to Seeing through buildings

  1. sean April 22, 2004 at 4:07 pm #

    One or two houses, maybe. One kilometre worth of houses, no way! 🙁

    You’ll need line of sight between the aerials.