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Latest Course Failure

The latest course at Easton Community Centre has been cancelled due to only having one recruited student (of 4) actually turn up for the first evening class. The last one had only 3 students.

Our recruitment mechanism is obviously not working properly and if we wish to continue with these courses we do need to sort something out regarding this. I can’t believe there aren’t loads of people who’d welcome the chance of cheap training coupled with a free PC!

Bannerman Road School are organsing the courses for the recipients of their machines, advertising, funding, and are asking us to supply the course materials and tutors and it would be good if we had a similar arrangement with some organisation to do the same sort of job for us regarding the ECC courses.

I propose we approach the local community education co-ordinators at Silai and Barton Hill Workshop and see if they would be interested in adding this course to their range of offered courses and take over the admin and paperwork that would be generated by putting the courses on a much more official footing.