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International Cisco Product Donation Pilot

This might be a useful way to get free Cisco Wireess routers for VolOrgs in Bristol to connect to our network.

We are looking for NGOs and charities to participate in a pilot product donation program with Cisco Systems and TechSoup Stock. We piloted a similar Cisco product donation program in September of 2002 in the U.S. that later launched into a broader program that has enabled us to process Cisco product donations for over 1,000 organizations in the U.S. to date. If you have a contact at an NGO or charity based in one of these countries that might be interested in participating in this pilot or if you know an NGO that might be able to help identify appropriate organizational donation recipients in these countries, please contact us by email at Please provide a contact name and title, organization name, organization address, organization email, organization telephone number and any other details that you believe will be useful. Also let us know if we can use your name as a referral.

We have been expanding beyond the U.S. borders and many of our partners would like us to do more of that! Last month, we were happy to announce that our Canadian offerings now include the Microsoft Software Donation Program. In total, we have 15 product donation programs in which eligible Canadian Charities and Nonprofits can participate. We operate the Canadian program in English, but recognize the importance of adding local content. We plan to begin adding French content to our Microsoft Canadian program (ICAN) by August. Over the next 12 months, we will be making major investments in partnerships and infrastructure that will enable us to offer product donation programs in multiple languages and currencies.

There are so many NGOs and charitable organizations doing important work in countries outside the U.S., and we’d love to be
able to serve them through our programs. At the same time, many leading technology providers that we hope to partner with at TechSoup Stock have employees and operations in other countries and, therefore, have the need to expand their donation program to where they operate. We hope that TechSoup Stock can help bring these parties together, much like we’ve started to do in the U.S.

So, send some referrals our way to let us begin with a successful Cisco pilot – and help out an NGO who can benefit from networking technology. Thanks for your support!

Rebecca Masisak