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Advice on wireless setup for me and a friend from Swansea

I’m in a non-broadband area in Swansea and im trying to sort out a wireless connection with a friend who lives 200 metres away from me who is in a cabled area. Is 200 metres a feasible distance to attempt a wireless connection bearing in mind that our houses are not in line of sight and I think there are one or two houses in between us (albeit they are very well spaced apart)?

I’ve been looking at that new pre-n wireless technology which has a range 8 times that of normal wireless.

If anyone could provide me with some useful information on setting this up or if it is not possible. I would be extremely grateful

Kind Regards

Craig McTaggart

One Response to Advice on wireless setup for me and a friend from Swansea

  1. andylaurence December 4, 2004 at 11:41 pm #

    When you say there is no line of sight, do you mean at street level? It’s quite amazing how far you can see from a rooftop. You may find that by locating an antenna on the roof of each property, you have line of sight, and at 200m range, an easy link. Alternatively, it’s quite possible you’ll get a link anyway at that sort of range.

    If you can’t, you could always approach one of these houses in the way and offer then free broadband if they repeat the signal for you.