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L is for Linux

A brief scare went round Bristol Wireless early in November when our favourite model AP looked like it was going to be killed off by Linksys, the company that manufacture the WRT54G.

Fortunately Linksys look like they know who it is that has popularised and recommended their device to make it the biggest selling Wireless router on the market and have brought out the Linksys WRT54G”L” specifically aimed at us Community Network “Hobbyists”

Not sure what I think about us being called “hobbyists”, much prefer the term Venture-Altruists

One Response to L is for Linux

  1. woodsy January 9, 2006 at 1:31 pm #

    Well done Linksys. It is encouraging to see an equiment manufacturer prepared to stick their neck out for the Linux community – there are too few of them; I speak as someone with a laptop full of Broadcom chips for which no native Linux support is available 🙁