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The Bristol Wireless Videoblog

There’s a new addition to the website which many of you might have missed — we now have a videoblog.

What’s that, then?

Simple really — but first, a technical aside and word of thanks: we’re using a debugged and slightly amended version of Garrick Van Buren’s WP-iPodCatter Plugin for WordPress to produce a special RSS feed from these news pages. Garrick has released the plugin under the GNU General Public License for the benefit of the WordPress community and deserves our thanks for his efforts. If you’re feeling particularly well-disposed, you could drop him a donation through Paypal — see the link on his WP-iPodCatter page.

So then: a videoblog… well, it’s basically just a category in this news section, but you subscribe to it using the Videoblog RSS link in the right-hand column. When you do that using a video-enabled RSS aggregator, something wonderful happens. Each time we publish a new item in the video category, the corresponding video file (usually MPEG4) will be downloaded for you to watch. And, er, that’s more or less it! It’s as if Bristol Wireless had it’s own intermittent TV channel.

For more information on RSS feeds, there’s a page on the wiki which explains what they’re about in more detail — it also has links to some of the more popular videoblogging software should you need it.

And so here we go: this is what makes this an entry in the videoblog — a link to the re-encoded HesFest video in MPEG4 format.