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Connecting Bristol Bid submitted

Bristol City Council have submitted their bid to the Digital Challenge set by the goverment for showcasing how Local Authorities and their communities can really make use of new technologies to enhance peoples lives –

The bid intro lays out the ambitious aims –

  • increase participation in the social and economic life of Bristol and its environs, particularly among excluded young people, older people and disadvantaged neighbourhoods, to increase skills, community cohesion and quality of life;
  • extend connectivity, develop Internet solutions and e-trading to reach new markets and promote social enterprise;
  • establish a culture of innovation to sustain long-term change in the way services are defined and delivered.
  • ICT will be a tool for fostering communication and relationships. We will:
    establish ‘showcase neighbourhoods’ that join together and empower communities from either side of the digital, economic and cultural divide, across the greater city area;
  • identify ‘advocates’ to act as digital media ambassadors and innovation champions, securing cultural change in services;
  • enable young and older people to collaborate as mentors, imparting skills and knowledge across the community and across the generations.

The Bristol Wireless team are looking forward to working to make this project a great success !

The full bid can be downloaded from Connecting Bristol

Some of the competition are linked to from there too –