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New address for City Council website

As of 23rd January, Bristol City Council is changing its website address to make it easier for visitors to remember and use.

From that date the new web address for the council will be The hyphen and ‘city’ previously used in the old address,, are being dropped to shorten the address and to bring it more into line with the format used by the majority of other local authorities.

The new address will be used for all of the council’s specific departments, e.g. libraries, which will now take the new, shorter address, e.g.

The move will doubtless also please followers of at least one of the city’s two football teams, i.e. those playing in blue and white, who no longer have to type the name of their long-standing rivals into their browsers when visiting the virtual Counts Louse!

One Response to New address for City Council website

  1. Steve Woods January 23, 2007 at 10:47 am #

    Update: 23/01/07 – From the same date, city council email addresses have also changed from the old format of to