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Werburghs ‘joins’ the backbone

Following the recent exceptionally stormy weather of the last couple of weeks, Bristol Wireless’ Lloyd Cohen and Rich Higgs have paid a visit to Holroyd House on Windmill Hill – our most exposed location – and Armada House in Kingsdown to check the condition of the bolts holding our antennae to the buildings.

While they were there, Lloyd writes, they set up a new 5.8GHz connection to St. Werburghs Community Centre (affectionately known as WCC), our operations base. On Monday Lloyd also spent some time up a ladder in the freezing wind swapping out the client end of this link at WCC and, after the resolving of some software problems, the link went live on Tuesday.

This means that servers hosted in St Werburghs are now ‘on the backbone’ as it were, improving both VoIP services and website hosting.


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