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Psst! Wanna PC for 50 notes?

One of the founding principles of Bristol Wireless has been to extend the life of computer hardware and the latest manifestation of this is that, in collaboration with Byteback, we are now able to offer the public fully functioning, refurbished PCs for the ridiculously cheap price of £50.


All the machines have a thorough health check before being installed with a Debian Linux operating system, featuring our own recommended set of software to cover most users’ needs, including office tools (word processing, presentation, spreadsheets and page layout), graphics web browsing, email, instant messenging, chat and multimedia (audio and video) programs. Our software guide gives an idea of the packages that are installed.

The individual machine specification may vary, but they come with a minimum of a Pentium III processor, with a decent-sized hard drive, 256 MB of memory, and your usual 17 inch monitor, keyboard and mouse to make the box actually usable.

Refurbishing PCs

Bristol Wireless’ Sam Rossiter says: “Even though computer hardware prices are at an all-time low, there are still plenty of people who want a really low-cost machine. They are ideal for introducing kids to computers as they also include some games. Despite being so cheap they are powerful enough to do more sophisticated tasks for which we also install software. We’ve been working working hard to ensure a steady supply of machines and our crew of Everton, Andy and Mike have been working hard to get this project off the ground”.

Linux has lower system requirements than some other operating systems and can therefore extend the working life of hardware which would otherwise be discarded. In the UK over a million tonnes of electrical and electronic goods are discarded each year.

By offering refurbished machines, Bristol Wireless is helping with the aims of the European WEEE Directive by reducing the waste arising from electronic equipment and encouraging its reuse, recovery, recycling and sound environmental disposal.

If you’d be interested in a machine or want more details please contact us.

4 Responses to Psst! Wanna PC for 50 notes?

  1. woodsy April 20, 2007 at 11:50 am #

    Note to Bristol Wireless volunteers: Sam’s promised a pint for every machine we can get our mates to take (as long as they mention the volunteer’s name!).

  2. Guy December 22, 2008 at 12:58 pm #

    Make some edits; it’s not £50 pounds but £30. We also strive to put 512MB inside machines:O and they’re P4:) when we can.

    Thanks GuyW

  3. woodsy December 22, 2008 at 1:52 pm #


    The item was factually correct when written and I shall consequently not been making any edits. All the up-to-date information is on the PC Sales wiki page.


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