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New chat channel added, one of Bristol Wireless’ supporters, is now hosting and supporting #openitup, the IRC chat channel launched as part of the Openitup initiative funded by the National Computing Centre and the National ICT Hub. One promise from Openitup was to establish a channel of support voluntary sector workers could go to get real-time support and advice when planning for and using Linux desktops and servers and also a virtual meeting place for practitioners to learn and swap ideas while supplying immediate voluntary support to visitors that request help.

The OpenItup project was imaginatively funded by the Home Office’s ChangeUp programme through the ICTHub to meet the needs of those groups and individuals in the voluntary sector who were attempting to create models for sustainable computing using open source software, which unfortunately has had its funding cut.

The resources developed during the lifetime of the project are still available at the Openitup website and plans and suggestions for building on the legacy are now in the hands of the IctHub – so watch this space.

In the meantime, Bristol Wireless volunteers and collaborating practitioners from across the UK welcome all visitors to #openitup and hope we can develop this useful resource pending fuller funding of open source initiatives within the voluntary sector.

To connect to the channel go to and select the Chat link on the home page, then select #openitup from the drop-down channel menu to log in.

See you there!

The Bristol Wireless Crew.