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Windows Vista – the true cost

Here at the lab, we’re busy preparing a new server for an LTSP install for CSV Environment. Of course, we had to buy the box in – this time from Dell – paying the inevitable ‘Windows tax’ in the process since it came with an unwanted copy of Windows Vista and we intended to feed it Debian instead. Left with a superfluous Microsoft operating system on our hands, we thought we’d like to try and get a refund for it and were pleasantly surprised by the helpfulness of Dell’s customer support line, which we had to call if we did not accept the Windows and/or Dell software licences (there was no ‘I do not agree’ option on the licence page :-().

Anyway, our efforts proved successful. After a couple of calls to customer service on Friday, we obtained a refund from Dell for the unwanted software (Vista and MS Works). The big surprise was the refund we were offered: a mere £17 for Vista and £6 for Works.

Since Friday we’ve received the following confirmation email from Dell:

Dear Mr Rossiter,
I’m pleased to tell you that I have successfully concluded your case by refunding 23 pounds back into your account and please do reply incase [sic] of any queries, and have logged it with the following details: My Name: [removed to protect the helpful].
Please mail me back if you feel the issue is not resolved to your Complete Satisfaction. We pride ourselves on the quality of our Customer Service, if the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction please contact my supervisor: [name removed]
Dell Customer Care

We’d like to thank Dell UK for their co-operation and being so helpful, as well as ask them a final question: when will you be following your US colleagues and offering Linux notebooks and desktops? Make it soon please!

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  1. martian May 8, 2007 at 5:54 pm #

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  2. Steve Woods May 24, 2007 at 2:15 pm #

    I’ve collated my pictures of the Vista deletion into an album on Flickr –