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Another look in the crystal ball

DSCN0132Day 2 has now dawned on the Easton Cowboys’ tournament down in Cullompton, Devon (news passim).

Today’s football has started, with the mens’ and womens’ tournaments running, from which Sean has just returned with a result sheet to update the live stats.

The Bristol Wireless cybertent is again well occupied, whilst the BW crew’s breakfast is rolling off the barbecue.

It already seems that the championship bloggers will be the boys of Lithuania’s FC Vova, who’ve already filed 2 posts from the field; many thanks to them for giving Linux a mention.

Lloyd’s now trying to get some sound going here in the tent, so we can have some audio wallpaper, aka tunes from the editorial laptop.

Anyway keep following the tournament. Your scribe has put some images up on Flickr and will try and add some more when time permits.