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The beautiful game goes on

The third day has now started at the Cowboys‘ Crystal Balls tournament in Cullompton with classical music playing in the cybertent. Breakfast has been consumed and the suite has just opened for business, whilst football and cricket swing into action on a fine, sunny morning.

Tonight's star attractionLast night Mike and Lloyd rigged up a second satellite dish, consulted the BBC website and then hooked up to a satellite in plenty of time to show Auntie’s Match of the Day. Believe it or not, we had a full tent intently watching despite the rival attractions of ‘Shame Academy’ (loosely based on a similar-sounding TV programme – Ed.) in the main marquee, with surreal German tableaux, various Easton Cowboys mutating into the Wurzels and a monkey-wielding ventriloquist from Knowle West; all wonderful fun. Shame Academy’s outright winners were Highland Republica Internationale of Leeds with their Spanish Inquisition for referees, with Easton Cowboys as runner-up.

Sean has been doing a sterling job, keeping the live stats on the web up to date. The fixtures will all be completed today and he can then relax and let his hair down.

At the moment the tent is full of kids playing online games. Later on, we’re expecting heavy traffic as the players and teams from all over Europe email home or blog their experiences.

Anyway, keep following the tournament from far away via the Crystal Balls page.

One Response to The beautiful game goes on

  1. woodsy January 17, 2008 at 12:24 pm #

    I’ve just discovered a video from Will Pollard of wifiExeter featuring the cybertent.