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Crystal Balls – the ref’s match report

This was supposed to be the last post from Bristol Wireless’ latest away fixture – a game of more than two halves – but is being written a couple of days later back in Bristol.

The entire tournament was characterised by fair play all round. Marks (out of 10): 10

The whole team acted as goalies at times, fielding the whole site’s IT questions. However, special mention must go to Lloyd, who managed to recover a whole SD card’s worth of deleted pictures for ICE Neckarstrasse.

Regarding LLoyd’s efforts, Ute Schiess of ICE Neckarstrasse writes:

Hi guys,

Back at home, I’m looking for a program to open the pictures Lloyd saved for me. Irfan view – it should work.

Thanx a lot for your support, the cider, the Radio Vague shirt and the great time we had together!!!!

See you, hear or read from you – and if anyone of your crew comes over to Stuttgart / southern Germany, please send an e-mail that we can meet!

Thanx – thanx – thanx for your brilliant job and the nice time we had in Cullompton.

Ute + ICE Neckarstrasse / Stuttgart

A special mention ought to go to Sean for doing most of the work on keeping the live stats up to date (He did have expert knowledge of how to do them, being a lifelong Tottenham supporter – Ed.).

Mike and Lloyd (again!) took several hours getting things right for our transmission of Match of the Day on Saturday Night.

Marks (out of 10): 10

Man/woman of match: everyone!

Unusual donations: 40 Marlboro (anyone out there smoke ’em? Ed.).

Thanks to Easton Cowboys for putting the tournament together and also to Cullompton Rangers for their hospitality.

Tomorrow sees us starting to set up in a Gloucestershire field for this coming weekend’s Ragged Hedge Fair, a propos of which Mike Harris writes…

After the diesel fuelled joy of the Alternative World Cup last weekend we’re back to the peace and tranquillity of solar and wind and teaming up with Clive Magrec and crew again for power, who we did the BGG with.

Anyways, hope to see you there. The festi is 30 quid (yes, just 30 quid) for three days.