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IT Volunteering Awards nominations time

iT4 Communities, the national IT volunteering programme of the Information Technologists’ Company, is accepting nominations for the 2007 IT Volunteer Awards, which aim to recognise the best, most innovative examples of IT volunteering and projects. Charities can nominate themselves and/or their IT volunteers by submitting an application by 6 October. Anyone who has volunteered their professional IT skills, or charities which have used of IT volunteers over the last year, can gain national recognition and win prizes, including £250 for the charity involved.

The award categories are:

  • Best Accessible IT Volunteering Project – to be awarded jointly to a volunteer and charity that have worked together on a successful project that used IT to help people with disabilities;
  • Best IT Volunteer – open to charities to nominate the IT volunteer that has made a difference to their organisation;
  • Best IT Volunteering Project – Impact on Organisations – to be awarded jointly to a volunteer and charity that have worked together on a successful project;
  • Best IT Volunteering Project – Innovation – awarded jointly to a volunteer and a charity.

Last year’s top honours went to projects such as a mental-health charity website, an art gallery ticketing system and a Citizen’s Advice Bureau referral system.

“IT volunteers make an enormous contribution to both the industry and the community as a whole,” says John Davies, programme director of iT4C. “iT4C’s volunteers have already provided more than £2 million-worth of contribution in skills and time so it is vital that these efforts are recognised and rewarded. Without volunteering, many organisations and individuals would not have access to the high level of IT support and consultancy that they need in the digital age.”

Instructions for submitting nominations can be found on the iT4C website.

The winners will be announced at an evening awards event and reception on 29 November 2007 at the Information Technologists’ Company Hall, in London. To book a free place at the event, visit For further information about the awards, please contact John Davies (John (at)