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An Easterhegg virgin writes…

Easterhegg 2008Every year Germany’s Chaos Computer Club (CCC) organises a cosy event (250 people or thereabouts). This year’s is being held in Cologne in a converted 19th century chocolate factory (which has also served time as an armoury) now owned by the city council and run as a community building with art gallery plus cafe. I’m writing this in the venue’s main hall, now decked out as a hacklab, complete with bar and all-day breakfast buffet.

Your scribe arrived in the rain at nearly 9 pm yesterday evening and after a quick bottle of maté – the quasi-official event beverage – it was straight down to work in a session entitled ‘Introducing CCC Translate’: a small group of volunteers has been working since the end of last year to bring the work of CCC on security and privacy to a wider (i.e. non-German audience). Looking into the future, the next project will be producing a complete English edition of CCC’s ‘Datenschleuder’ magazine and perhaps adding more languages to the translate project.

Anyway, it’s time to tackle the excellent breakfast buffet and then go and hunt out some folks from the Freifunk free wireless project for a natter.

Finally, Easterhegg 2008 also an event wiki if your German’s good enough; if not you can always plug the content into Google Translate. 😉


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