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Coming soon – An Adventure in Technology

Our old mate Shevek is putting on a little event at the end of June at Trinity Community Arts. Full details are – taken shamelessly from his recent post to the Bristol and Bath LUG mailing list – are as follows:


I am co-organising an event called “An Adventure in Technology” as a follow-up event to the Linux fest many of you remember from 2003; but this time, thanks to Trinity Community Arts, it’s going to be much bigger and much better.

It’s going to be an all inclusive event where everybody is encouraged to bring something along, talk about it, swap ideas, and build things on site. It doesn’t have to be Linux based, but a lot of things will be. We will have presentation spaces, demos and workspaces for your own projects and everyone will be encouraged to explain what they are doing and learn from others.

Of course nobody knows quite what people (including you!) are going to bring until the day of the event, but we’ve tried to get some concrete programme items so that you know what to expect, including:

  • Presentations on fun topics by guest speakers from London, Eindhoven, Birmingham and further abroad. I have a fair idea of who they are, but I’ve not written them into the programme yet.
  • Hardware swap-shop.
  • Bring-a-problem, solve-a-problem.
  • Amateur radio and maybe even TV broadcast.
  • A Linux/OSS-based recording studio where you can play.
  • Robotics, graphics, Second Life, GL demos.
  • Hardware hacking and workbenches.
  • Social and games spaces, power, networking and consoles.
  • Licensed premises and bar.

The event web site* is and you should feel free to post information there if you have an idea or want to run a session. There will also be a list for people who decide on the 28th that they want to give a talk.

If you want any particular resources or facilities for any toys you are bringing, please post on the web site, or ask one of us, and we’ll do our best to make sure it happens.”

Maybe you’ll be there too? 🙂 Sounds like a fine reason to spend the weekend in Bristol.

* = The website also includes an event blog.


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