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Putting the (Linux) boot in

Mike Harris from Bristol Wireless was kindly invited by Craig Duffy at the University of the West of England (UWE) to give a talk on some of his past activities at this summer’s Linux Boot Camp (PDF flyer). An entertaining one-hour talk was duly provided to around 35 participants, which covered everything from initial faltering footsteps using Linux, as well as the setting up of Psand, the founding of Bristol Wireless and the mobile LTSP project with special focus on the Hes Fes in 2005 and the showing of a video of the cybertent at the Hes Fes.

Other talks during the three-day event, running from the 1st to the 3rd July, were provided from Guy Mather of SNsystems on Linux on PS3, Peter Griffin of MPCData on porting uClinux onto a 16-bit architecture, Larry Bull of UWE on Linux robots and Rob Williams of UWE on pipelined architectures. During the three days, the attendees took part in lab work that involved building and booting a Linux PC, scripting and configuration, networking and security, embedded Linux and controlling a LEGO buggy.

The next Linux Boot Camp will be towards the end of June 2009. Exact dates will be confirmed nearer the time.