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News from the lab

Even though it’s the height of summer and we really should be out enjoying the sunshine (like our network engineer who’s actually getting to achieve his ambition of combining tech with festivals 😉 ), work continues apace in the lab in the Burg.

One noticeable change is how much cooler it is in the lab now compared with previous summers: is this due to our switching over to running on vservers? (news passim)

At the end of last week, Rich made a trip down to Williton in West Somerset and installed wireless access in the Foresters Arms Hotel, so you’ll be able to get online while enjoying a pint and some fine food. Rich has also been working down in Easton, where a small mesh network has now been established around Shaw Close.

Andy, our LTSP project manager, has been hard at work, keeping our mobile suites in tip-top condition and making sure all the kit is ready for its next outing: the old very low-powered hardware will shortly be making its way to this year’s Climate Camp, where it will be running on renewable energy (wind and solar) for the duration of the event.

Talking of renewables, Mike, one of our longest-serving supporters, has written some fair use guidelines for renewables for the Climate Camp, which could be of use or be adapted to other events aiming at a low environmental impact, whilst maintaining full access to 21st century technology.

Bails is currently getting CCTV (affectionately termed ‘Labcam’) installed in the lab and recycling room. All the equipment will, of course, be running on Linux and free software.

Our library of technical reference material has been augmented by a kind donation of shelf-loads of O’Reilly and other prestige tech publishers by a donor who prefers to remain anonymous. The library now has good reference works on Perl, C++, Unix, security, Python and Java, to name but a few.

Of course, while all this is taking place, the regular work of Bristol Wireless continues, including refurbishing computers and making internet-ready, virus and spyware free machines with full software available for just £50.