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Over the last few weeks Bristol Wireless volunteers have been installing seven LTSP workstations for public use in the foyer of Easton Community Centre in Kilburn Street.

Easton Community CentreIn keeping with our greener credentials, the Compaq workstations (also known as clients. Ed.) run on minimal power, having no moving parts such as hard disks and optical drives; they were originally used as desktop machines by the National Health Service and were donated to our project through Byteback Computer Recycling in Hartcliffe. The new Dell server we’ve chosen to run the suite and all the user applications is also very low-powered, but very efficient.

We’ve installed our own flavour of Debian Linux (news passim) sporting the Bristol Wireless desktop and your usual suite of tools – web browser, word processing, graphics software, etc. – most users will want to utilise.

There’s recently been a change of management in the ECC and we wish the new team well. Those readers with good memories will recall that Bristol Wireless was associated with the centre for many years in the past and we’re very pleased to renew our collaboration.