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Adventure in Technology is happening again!

Our old friend Shevek has just given the first notice of the next Adventure in Technology will be returning again early in 2009. Writing from the other side of the Atlantic, Shevek posted the message below yesterday to the BBLUG mailing list:


We are holding the next episode of our festival of creative technology in Bristol on the 28th February 2009, where we will be removing lids marked “Do not remove this lid”, going “ooh!” and making more interesting things out of the debris. There will also be both high- and low-tech talks and demos on topics including cryptography, demo coding, talking to politicians, audio production and robotics.

This time, in addition to guests from Europe, we are likely to have a number of notable guests from the USA (where I am currently residing).

The event web site is at – please join the group (Google) as further announcements will mostly be placed there. Entrance will be free, as this is one of our guiding principles, and there is a car park and a licensed bar.

Of course nobody knows quite what people (including you!) are going to bring or do until the day of the event. If you want to talk or demo something, it will help us if you contact us in advance so that we can warn the stage crew of numbers, and what to expect. However, if you just turn up on the day, we will do our best.

Come along and have fun!


This year’s event (news passim) was great fun. What Shevek didn’t mention in his announcement was that the venue will be the same as last time – Trinity Community Arts, our near neighbours and another organisation committed to using free and open source software. Finally, the Techadventure Google group is already firing off a flurry of messages (thanks to whoever signed me up! 😉 ) and I’ll be there on the day to cover the fun.


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